Transforming Logistics

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems takes flight in Virginia, bringing industry and universities together to solve logistics challenges.

Reflecting on the Success of Aug. 20 Board Meeting

On Aug. 20, the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) and CCALS recognized Virginia Delegate Kirk Cox for his unwavering support of workforce training programs…

ROI is King

CCALS' unique, collaborative model maximizes the value of every R&D dollar. Learn about CCALS' ROI.

Today’s Threat Level: High

Cyber-security lapses can result in significant supply chain damage. The time for defense is now.

Logistics innovation starts here

CCALS offers members several ways to transform logistics operations.

CCALS: Bridging the gap between innovation and implementation

The country may be coming to grips with sequestration, but its mantra of "do more with less" isn't new to those of us in logistics.

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Logistics Systems (CCALS) is an extraordinary collaboration between business, government and world-class universities, all focused on a singular mission: transform industry by improving the complex system of technological, mechanical and human factors that enable logistics.

Industry and government members direct the CCALS agenda and unprecedented intellectual property policies accelerate the transfer of lab innovation to solution implementation.

At CCALS, members define the problem, share the costs, own the solution – and put their organizations on the fast track to logistics innovation.


  • Crater Planning District Commission
  • LMI
  • The Port of Virginia
  • Longwood Unversity
  • Unversity of Virginia
  • Virginia Commonwealth Unversity
  • Virginia State Unversity