CCALS: Advanced Logistics Center of Excellence under the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority.

LMI Research Institute Academic Partnership Program

LMI is a significant industry member of CCALS. The LMI Research Institute develops formal working relationships with universities across the country, bridging the gap between academia and industry to create innovative solutions and explore new research topics. LMI’s Academic Partnerships program provides structured, funded research projects that expose universities to real-world challenges faced by the federal government. In addition, the program further increases LMI’s visibility in the academic world and grants access to research capabilities not otherwise found within the company.

The LMI Research Institute engages its academic partners through funded research by a competitive process. Once funding is awarded, LMI staff members lead efforts in collaboration with university teams, ensuring the theoretical is applicable to their clients’ needs. LMI staff members worked directly with CCALS universities on the following research projects:

  • UVA – Logistical Pathways to Critical Diversity in Organizational Leadership
  • VSU – Technology Assessment for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Energy and Supply Chains
  • UVA – Optimal Power Flow Contingency Planning for Electrical Grid Systems under N-K Failure Scenarios

The LMI Research Institute also hosts an annual forum, providing our university partners unique access to government leaders. Over the course of a day, government leaders from civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies discuss their mission and innovation challenges. The forum concludes with a brainstorming session from which ideas for the following fiscal year’s project are developed.

photo courtesy of LMI

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