Education in enterprise systems such as SAP is crucial to achieving logistics innovation, concluded a panel at the Commonwealth Conference on National Defense and Intelligence: Building an Innovation Ecosystem for National Security. The panel explored where and how business systems software crosses over to weapons systems software, the best approaches to managing this intersection and the biggest pitfalls in integrating the two systems.

Virginia State University (VSU) Research Professor and SAP Fellow Dr. Ray Boykin moderated the panel. He was joined by Michael Lennon and Matthias Ledwon of SAP, Robert Walter of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Miranda Keeney of LMI.

Dr. Boykin is currently involved with the development and delivery of enterprise systems education to the US Army and DoD contractors, including an enterprise systems certificate in collaboration with the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, VA, and with several research projects involving SAP ERP applications. He is also a CCALS board member.

The conference took place June 11-13, 2017 at the Darden School, University of Virginia, in Charlottesville VA.

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