UVA Today – October 14, 2019
By Jennifer McManamay

Consider a seemingly small event for today’s high-tech lifestyle: A package you ordered from a retailer arrived exactly as you expected, because the seller communicated when your purchase shipped, where it was along the way and how the deliverer would confirm the package got to the right person. Let’s say the package contained perishables like food or medicine; there was verification that your package was kept at a cold temperature and not handled roughly on the trip.

That’s an example of a smart supply chain, an integrated system employing a network of humans and technologies that track your purchase from point of origin to your doorstep.

But how do you know the various technologies in the supply chain are not compromised – loaded with malware that will be used to gather information to target you for theft or infect nearby systems with viruses? Could one or more of the thousands of devices that run the supply chain be counterfeit? …

The University of Virginia School of Engineering is a founding partner of a new national research center that is addressing these urgent challenges. The Center for Hardware and Embedded Systems Security and Trust, known as CHEST, earned a prestigious designation as a National Science Foundation Industry-University Cooperative Research Center as of Oct. 1 …

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