A Letter to our CCALS Community

In this unprecedented year, the movement to end systemic racism has garnered substantial momentum across American society. CCALS is committed to taking concrete steps in support of this goal.

  1. Our five member universities enroll 55% of the African American undergraduates in Virginia’s public four-year colleges and universities. We are committed to working with these students and other underrepresented minorities to acquaint them with the opportunities and careers available in the logistics industry.
  2. CCALS will assist our partners in the logistics industry to enhance the quality and diversity of their workforce through internship programs and research symposia that enable them to meet and work with the talented students at our member universities.
  3. Our research and problem-solving teams will be a model of excellence and diversity as we bring together faculty and students from Old Dominion University, Virginia State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Longwood University, and University of Virginia to utilize logistics expertise in addressing key challenges facing our society.

To this we pledge our resources, and our resolve.


Mark C. Manasco
President and Executive Director

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