Leadership development is fundamental to culture change, but the cost can be significant. Does the outcome justify the investment? It does, according to research outlined in Higher education under fire: Implementing and assessing a culture change for sustainment, a paper that was selected as a “Highly Commended Paper” in the 2020 Emerald Literati Awards. Emerald Insight’s editorial team described the paper as one of the most exceptional pieces of work they saw throughout 2019.

Higher education under fire was authored by Longwood University’s Paul Barrett, PhD, CPA, Director, SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation in the College of Business and Economics; John Gaskins, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing; and James C. Haug, DBA, PE, Associate Professor with the College of Business and Economics. The authors have been instrumental in developing and supporting the SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation.

Haug and Barrett have been longtime staunch CCALS supporters, and their passion for leadership development dovetails with CCALS’ mission support of workforce development. Haug also serves on CCALS’ Board of Directors.

“Jim and his colleagues already have an impressive track record in this area, and this research confirms what we’ve seen in their work,” said CCALS President and Executive Director Mark Manasco. “They make a very convincing case for a powerful tool in leadership development.”


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