Telework is alive and well, concludes this paper on telework’s status as studied in a federal agency. In the years since its somewhat controversial beginnings, telework seems to have been accepted as an effective work modality and even, potentially, a draw for potential employees.

James C. Haug, DBA, PE and Richard M. Monroe published their research in Springer (the research was conducted prior to the COVID epidemic, though the authors touch on its potential effect on telework). The paper, “Assessment of Telework in a Federal Agency at the Operational Phase,” concludes that in almost every area studied in this agency telework adds value and points out areas with potential for improvement.

Haug is an Associate Professor at Longwood University College of Business and Economics. He also serves on CCALS’ Board of Directors and has been a longtime supporter of CCALS’ mission.

Monroe is an Adjunct Professor at Longwood University College of Business and Economics, and an Assistant Professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Greensboro, NC, USA

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