A recent publication by the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (VASEM) builds on a five-year strategic plan by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) to identify critical areas of challenge in the Commonwealth, and proposes strategies for meeting these challenges and strengthening Virginia’s leadership position.

Key Strategies to Position Virginia for Leadership in Areas of Critical National Challenge originated with a VASEM proposal to the Joint Committee on Science and Technology (JCOTS) to periodically identify areas where Virginia has the resources, expertise, and critical infrastructure to address challenges in uniquely powerful ways and to set aspirational goals that would help the Commonwealth. JCOTS accepted the proposal, and the resulting paper outlines five key strategies to position Virginia for leadership in areas of critical national challenge: 

Strategy 1. Position Virginia as a National Model for Reliable Sustainable Energy
Strategy 2. Make Virginia a National Leader in Supply Chain System Security
Strategy 3. Chart a Path for Virginia Leadership in Semiconductors
Strategy 4. Maximize Healthcare Resources for All Citizens of the Commonwealth
Strategy 5. Enable Virginia to Create Smarter, More Resilient Communities

The paper also discusses emerging and enabling technologies and next steps.

Several CCALS associates contributed to the work, including:

  • Vince Barnett, VEDP’s Vice President, Business Investment as well as Vice Chair of the CCALS Board;
  • Dr. Jim Lambert, Director, Center for Risk Management Research and Professor of Systems & Information Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, UVA, as well as a member CCALS’ Technical Advisory Committee;
  • Tom Polmateer, CCALS’ Logistics Research Systems Analyst and board member and Research Program Director at the Department of Systems & Information Engineering, University of Virginia (UVA); and
  • Mark Manasco, CCALS President and Executive Director.

Download the publication here »

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