Two CCALS board members were among the authors of Anomaly and cyber fraud detection in pipelines and supply chains for liquid fuels, a paper accepted by Springer Science+Business Media, LLC in January 2022. The paper examines the cyber vulnerabilities of liquid fuels supply chains, and describes methods for detecting precursors to fraud and other information irregularities – increasingly a threat and an important concern.

James H. Lambert, Director of the University of Virginia (UVA) Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems and Thomas L. Polmateer, UVA research program director of CCALS, authored the work along with Alinne Beteto, Vidal Melo, Jessica Lin, Marwan Alsultan, Eduardo Mario Dias, Elizabeth Korte, DeAndre A. Johnson, and Negin Moghadasi.

Click here to read the abstract, and purchase access to the paper »

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