Mark Manasco at CCALS Summit

Tom Polmateer, center, enjoys a CCALS Conference

Tom Polmateer, CCALS’ long-time analyst and the quiet force behind some of its most successful collaborations, stepped down from his position in late 2022 to enjoy what he termed a “75 percent retirement.” Polmateer has been a University of Virginia (UVA) Logistics Research Systems Analyst working full-time in support of CCALS since 2014. He is also a Research Program Manager with the UVA’s Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems, where he continues to work part time with Center Director James Lambert.

“For over a decade, Tom provided thought leadership on the way forward on a multitude of programs and projects, covering many stakeholders in the public and private sectors,” said James C. Haug, Treasurer and Acting Secretary on the CCALS Board, and Associate Professor with the College of Business and Economics at Longwood University. “His enthusiasm, past experience, and wisdom helped guide the CCALS family through many challenges and access for valued opportunities. As Secretary on the Board, he was able to capture and document progress for the record in an outstanding manner.”

When Polmateer came to CCALS to help develop partnerships and research projects, he brought a wealth of experience. A retired Army logistician, he had also served four years in the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, commanding at both the Company and Battalion level, and had over a decade as staff and faculty with the

Polmateer holds a Regent’s Diploma in Mathematics and Science from Andover Central, a Master of Science (MS), Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management from Florida Institute of Technology, and a BA in English from Canisius College (this writer has been the frequent beneficiary of his eagle-eyed editing).


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