SAF presentation

Source: US Federal Aviation Administration, Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge Roadmap

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) provides a renewable alternative to traditional fuels and has a smaller carbon footprint. Virginia, with ample bio waste and close proximity to aviation,  is uniquely suited to producing SAFs. But getting from a farm field to a jet plane requires sophisticated logistics planning.

Enter Dr. Lisa Colosi, Dr. James H. Lambert, and their team of University of Virginia (UVA) Engineering students. Lambert, Director of the UVA Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Aviation, has been heading up data analysis on SAF supply chains from available feedstock using FAA-published data. On March 25, 2024, CCALS hosted a meeting at UVA to showcase the work.

Attending were Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Energy Division Manager Prem Lobo; representatives from the ATIP Foundation and Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI); Rusty Harrington and Greg Campbell of the Virginia Department of Aviation (DOAV); the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission; and CCALS board president Dawit Haile and Senior Fellow Karen Jackson. Lobo was later the guest lecturer for a CCALS and UVA Engineering Distinguished Lecture.

“There was lots of great energy in the room,” Jackson said. “CCALS was pleased to host Prem and highlight the great work being done by Lisa, Jim, their students, and the DOAV team. This is a groundswell moment for SAF, and CCALS is excited to convene a meeting of Virginia stakeholders to showcase the sophisticated tools UVA has developed using FAA data.”

“I am excited about the educational pathways this opens for our partner universities,” added Haile. “We look forward to continuing this impactful collaboration.”

CCALS biofuels presentation

The UVA team and presentation attendees, above; (FAA) Energy Division Manager Prem Lobo guest lecturing to Dr. Lambert’s class, below.

FAA presentation at UVA class

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