CCAL CCAM 8 20 2015 CLR JHW_3657CCALS was originally conceived as the Virginia Logistics Research Center (VLRC) through an initiative of the Crater Planning District Commission in 2010.  It became CCALS in 2012 and is deliberately modeled after the very successful Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM), a unique R&D collaboration between industry and academia designed to deliver breakthrough solutions more quickly and efficiently.

CCALS emulates this collaborative research paradigm. It began as an initiative of three higher education institutions – Longwood University, the University of Virginia and Virginia State University – to capitalize on a growing logistics presence in Central Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University joined as the fourth university partner.

Other organizations that worked to develop CCALS include: Army Logistics University, Fort Lee, Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals, Inc., Logistics Management Resources, Inc. (LMR), Virginia Port Authority, Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), DLA Aviation and Logistics Management Institute.

Today, CCALS’ members are transforming logistics by accelerating the translation of promising ideas to practical commercial applications that can benefit a wide range of business and government clients. Fast and efficient R&D is made possible by CCALS’ collaborative model and unique intellectual property arrangements that enable companies to own resulting IP or to retain a non-exclusive license.

CCALS also addresses critical workforce needs by connecting members to a pipeline of top students from member universities. And the proximity to Fort Lee ensures access to skilled, trained and motivated logistics experts seeking second careers after concluding military service.

With business and government logistics interests working with universities to define the problem, share the costs and own the solution; CCALS is a path to logistics transformation that will positively impact industry and the region.

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