CCALS: Empowering you through world class logistics

When the Saudi Arabian Royal Commission at Yanbu began research for their new Center of Excellence in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Virginia was one of their first stops. Commission representatives attended a benchmarking meeting hosted by LMI in Tysons Corner on Aug. 18, 2017, which included a presentation by CCALS.

The delegation included Dr. Craig Voortman, Logistics & Supply Chain Research Scientist with the Royal Commission and the person tasked with envisioning and establishing the new center; Dr. Mohammed Alghamdi, Director of Planning and Development, Colleges and Institutes with the Yanbu Industrial College; and Dr. Samir Alsobhi, Assistant Professor and Head of Support Services Unit, Department of Management Science at Yanbu University College.

CCALS Executive Director Mark Manasco and UVA/CCALS Logistics Research Systems Analyst Tom Polmateer presented on the groundwork, philosophy, and efforts that have gone into forming and growing CCALS, sharing successes and lessons learned with the visitors. They were joined by Dr. James H. Lambert, Research Professor at UVA’s Dept. of Systems and Information Engineering and lead on the CCALS Port of Virginia project, who contributed substantially to the discussion. Also present was Heimir Thorisson, a graduate student and UVA Systems and Information Engineering Research Assistant involved with the Port of Virginia project.

The Saudi delegation expressed great interest in CCALS’ approach and organization, was impressed with its accomplishments, and enjoyed a lively post-presentation discussion.

Both presenters and visitors came away excited to be sharing information in a collaborative international environment. David Stinson, the LMI Senior Consultant who coordinated the meeting, wrote in a followup email, “The three travelers were impressed with the LMI capabilities and the significant progress made by CCALS in such a short time.”

Representatives from CCALS and LMI share stories with the delegation.