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Coastal VA Offshore Wind


  • Problem: Ensure that a reliable and responsive supply chain and workforce sustains the VA wind farm and future East Coast opportunities
  • Interest: A maritime company interested in expanding their material supply operations to VA
  • Benefit: Maritime logistics expertise, infrastructure, workforce, business incentives, state support, early market entry


  • Mike Robinson (ODU)
  • Hannan Naeeni (Longwood)
  • Lessie Oliver-Clark (VSU)
  • Jim Lambert (UVA)

Technical Objectives/Approach

  • Determine logistics support site locations
  • Review supply chain planning and maritime control methods for offshore installations
  • Collaboratively develop risk register to minimize disruptions and perform resilience analysis to facilitate recovery
  • Provide direct contact with university students interested in energy and the maritime industry

Project Impact/Takeaway

  • Modeling and simulation of offshore wind supply chain
  • Provide well-trained students
  • Partner to solve company specific issues as opportunity grows


ODU’s Effort to Create Wind Energy Hub in Overdrive

ODU’s Effort to Create Wind Energy Hub in Overdrive

In 2019, ODU and the Virginia Department of Energy (Virginia Energy) signed a memorandum of understanding for the state’s offshore wind projects, including Dominion’s wind farm. As part of that agreement, ODU has organized the Commonwealth Offshore Wind Task Force, which brings together more than 200 partners from across the state to examine all aspects of building a brand-new industry …

DMME Promotes Offshore Wind in Video

DMME Promotes Offshore Wind in Video

The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME), in collaboration with Old Dominion University (ODU), has produced a video touting Virginia as a location for new offshore wind business.

Plotting the Future of Clean Energy in Virginia

Plotting the Future of Clean Energy in Virginia

This is the first in a series exploring energy markets in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This article summarizes where Virginia’s energy resources are headed and lays out three challenges in moving toward renewable energy.

Paul Olsen: A shared vision on offshore wind

Paul Olsen: A shared vision on offshore wind

Virginia is all in for reinventing itself with renewable energy by capitalizing on offshore wind generation and job creation. On Sept. 19, Dominion Energy announced the largest offshore wind project in the U.S., to produce 2,600 megawatts of wind energy by 2026 off our coast. That’s enough to power approximately 650,000 homes.

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