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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain


  • Problem: The United States’ drug supply chain carries high risk, having become dangerously dependent upon foreign suppliers for our most essential  medicines
  • Interest: Companies interested in relocating pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage and distribution centers in VA
  • Benefit: Location, workforce, supply chain and AI expertise, and state support benefit companies like Phlow Co, AMPAC, McKesson, Owens & Minor


  • Thomas Roper (VCU) and Hannan Naeeni (Longwood)
  • Lessie Oliver-Clark (VSU)
  • Mike Robinson (ODU)
  • Jim Lambert (UVA)

Technical Objectives/Approach

  • Novel AI approaches to supply chain development, maintenance and security with US based suppliers
  • Work with companies to ensure distribution channels via existing VA-based companies
  • Determine site location based on quality and safety needs. Access to industry leaders in design and construction of facilities
  • Collaboratively develop methodologies that improve data analytics algorithms to drive real-time data for management decisions

Project Impact/Takeaway

  • Provide direct access to five universities with problem solving capabilities and supply chain expertise
  • Provide well-trained students for industry
  • Partner for AI-based company-specific problems and minimize supply chain disruptions


Phlow, VCU Engineering, and Partners Reimagine Prescription Drug Manufacturing in the US

Phlow, VCU Engineering, and Partners Reimagine Prescription Drug Manufacturing in the US

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted urgent problems with pharmaceutical sourcing and manufacturing. With drugs and medical supplies in short supply during spikes, logistics and supply chain have become familiar terms. … It’s not surprising, then, that the Richmond Technology Council awarded the Outstanding Collaboration in Tech Award to Phlow USA & VCU Engineering’s Medicines for All (M4ALL) Institute last month.

Innovative Projects Earn CCALS Two CRCF Awards

A project to address medical reconciliation in emergency settings, and one to develop secure refrigerated medical storage, have received funding from a prestigious Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) acceleration program.

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