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Uncrewed Vehicles


  • Problem: Limited access to UAV testing sites for last mile delivery of sensitive materiel, need for an educated workforce
  • Interest: Companies interested in establishing UAV companies in VA supporting many industries across the commonwealth
  • Benefit: 400 acres of test airspace, BVLOS-Ft Monroe, USRTC ‘Next Step Center’, clear development path, workforce, drone expertise, VA support


  • Lessie Oliver-Clark (VSU)
  • Robert Klenke (VCU)
  • Hannan Naeeni (Longwood)
  • Mike Robinson (ODU)
  • Jim Lambert (UVA)

Technical Objectives/Approach

  • Modeling and simulation of proposed routes
  • Improve safety and accuracy of UAV, longer battery life per flight, reduce cost of training
  • Collaboratively develop methodologies that improve data analytics algorithms to drive real- time data for management decisions
  • Analyze risk and resilience

Project Impact/Takeaway

  • Provide direct access to five universities with problem solving capabilities, drone expertise and testing facilities; clear development path
  • Provide well-trained students for industry
  • Partner to solve company-specific problems


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