What We Do

CCALS: Empowering you through world class logistics


CCALS solves logistics problems for business and government.

Member universities bring extensive expertise to the table. Industry and government bring real-world experience.

Collaboratively, they explore the technology systems and human interactions that power logistics. The result: breakthrough solutions that optimize the efficiency, ROI and reliability of logistics systems.

CCALS’ industry-led, university-implemented applied research capability accelerates the transition of technologies from fundamental developments through proof of concept and on to commercialization.

CCALS also uses favorable intellectual property policies and multiple perspectives to ensure that promising discoveries become effective business solutions faster than ever.

Member areas of expertise include:

  • Large-scale logistics systems
  • Supply Chain system dependability, reliability, security and trust
  • Human factors in logistics (demographics, workforce, behaviors and processes)
  • Supply chain and risk management
  • Logistics system modeling and simulation
  • Large-scale data management, integration and analytics
  • Enterprise systems integration, application and customization

Workforce Development

CCALS powers the future of logistics-dependent organizations by providing members unique access to highly qualified, skilled and in-demand workers.

Member universities connect top students to CCALS’ industry partners, and CCALS’ central Virginia location is home to an expanding logistics industry that includes major business and government logistics operations.

Let's get started

CCALS offers its partners a unique advantage: World class logistics research and resources.

Capabilities Portfolio

Digital always-on supply chain

Energy sustainability & mobility

Enterprise systems

Skilled STEM-H workforce

Data science

Systems operations

Cyber-physical systems

Modeling & simulation

Top university graduates

Supply chain risk management & resilience

Internet of things & blockchain

Pharmacy on demand (point of use manufacturing)

Transitioning Veterans